We Belong to the Day

by Dew

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What other people say about this album:

"Haute Cuisine for ears and spirit!"

"Your music makes my spirit soar!!!"

"I have a pre-release album and WOW!! It is like a breath of fresh air! Beautiful lyrics, vocals and an amazing assortment of musical styles. The music and the way it is put together is layers upon layers of dazzling sound. Frank's song LOVE was startling to me...the more I listened the more layers of intriguing sound I heard. I love Marlous's song We Belong to the Day...it will lift you right up. As you can tell, I heartily recommend this album to worshipers looking for a change of pace from standard Contemporary Christian pop/rock sound."

"It’s the ultimate kind of happines to know that we belong to the day, we belong to the Light, we belong to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords forever .... Thank you for putting this ultimate emotion into music, it goes straight into my heart ...! Thank you God for giving Frank and Marlou this talent!"

"We Belong to the Day is THE most amazing CD I have heard in a LONG TIME! And it grows, and g-r-o-w-s and G-R-O-W-S in its power, beauty, intimacy, and ability to bring one to tears with each listen! Will be ordering more copies as gifts soon!"
The disc that is in your hands now is a result of years of writing, rewriting and recording. It is very much a testament of our journey of faith, in worship, through difficult times and glorious ones. Most of the songs were born out of times of worship, where we spontaneously started to sing out our hearts to God.

Our music is as colourful and diverse as is the nature of God Himself, although it cannot even begin to match His greatness. It is our celebration of the freedom that He gives through the finished work of the cross, through Jesus Christ. A freedom that allows us to really live in and through Him, set free from the cages of our old nature and man-made religion.

It is our greatest desire that, while you are listening to our music, you will experience a deeper freedom in Christ and be able to draw closer to Him. We no longer let darkness rule over us, because we belong to the Day, we belong to the Light!

Frank & Marlou van Essen, June 2012


released September 12, 2012

We Belong to the Day - I will Awaken the Dawn - All Men are like Grass - Love - Now - The Beauty of Your Presence - Scarlet - Secret Place - Daughters of Eve - I Want to Know You Deeper - Arise, o God - Be Still and Know - Our God is a Consuming Fire - Psalm (Bonustrack)
Total playing time: 78:28

Produced, arranged, recorded and mixed
by Frank van Essen @ Dew Studio, Collendoorn, The Netherlands
Mastering by Sander van der Heide @ The Saint Of Sound, Soest, The Netherlands
Photography by Joris van Essen // Paintings by Renate Heetebrij-Scheinhardt
Artwork and design by Frank van Essen

featured musicians: Marlou van Essen - Vocals // Dave Bainbridge - Keyboards, acoustic guitars // JayP Beyersbergen - Electric and acoustic guitars // Frank van Essen - Drums, percussion, piano and keyboards, programming, violins, violas and vocals // Phil Barker: Bass // Troy Donockley: Uillean pipes, high and low whistles // Luca Genta: Cello, fretless bass

Thank you Jesus for your love and friendship.

All songs Copyright 2012 Small Stone Media t/a Dew Age Publishing
except Be Still and Know - Unisong Music Publishers t/a Essence Publishing



all rights reserved


Dew Collendoorn, Netherlands

Dew are Frank & Marlou van Essen. They are based in Collendoorn, The Netherlands.

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Track Name: We Belong to the Day
There’s a reason that we worship
There’s a reason that we sing
There’s a reason that we bow down
And give glory to our King

For from Him comes our existence
And in Him we find our life
Paid the highest price to save us
There’s no greater sacrifice

We belong to the Day
We belong to the Light
We belong to the King of Kings and
Lord of Lords, forever (2x)

We were born for such a time as this
There’s a calling on our lives
To bring freedom to the captives
Be victorious as we fight
We’ll defend the cause of widows
And for justice take a stand
Help the orphans and the poor ones
For the Kingdom is at hand


You were born for such a time as this
There’s a calling on your life
To bring freedom to the captives
Be victorious as you fight
Will you defend the cause of widows
And for justice take a stand
Help the orphans and the poor ones
For the Kingdom is at hand

You Belong to the Day...
Track Name: I Will Awaken the Dawn
My heart is steadfast oh God
I will sing and make music
With all of my soul

Awake harp and lyre
Awake harp and lyre
I will awaken the dawn

I will awaken the dawn
With my praise to my God
With my praise to my God (2x)

I will praise you oh Lord
I will sing of you among the nations

For great is your love
Higher than the heavens
Your faithfulness reached to the skies


Be exalted, oh God, above the heavens
And let Your glory be over all the earth
Track Name: All Men are like Grass
All men are like grass
And their glory is like
The flowers in the field
The grass withers and the flowers fall
But the Word of the Lord stands forever

If you have ears to hear
Than hear the good news proclaimed to you
He forgives your sins gives life in His Son
For the Word of the Lord stands forever

Jesus, You are Life Eternal 4x
Track Name: Love
Love is patient, love is kind
The greatest treasure one can find
Never acts in selfish gain
If I lack love I live in vain

Love takes its delight in truth
Not in wrongs that some may do
Always hopes, always endures
It is love my heart pursues

I may speak in tongues of man, even angels
Have the faith to move the mountains

I may know all things
Understand all mysteries
But if I lack love, what would I gain?

I may give all that I have
Die a sacrificial death
It would be like blaring brass
If without love my days would pass


Love never ends
Love never fails
One day we'll see you
Face to face

Then we will know you
Just as God knows us now
Track Name: Now
Now I’m standing on the threshold
Willing to lay down my life for you
One and only, chosen by God
The dream became reality, my wish came true (2x)

We will be sharing our lives together
from this precious day
Until the the coming of Jesus our saviour
Or until the day that death do us part

Now I found in you my equal
But I gladly bow down my head
So that you can take the right place
According to Gods purpose as His Word has said


Now we’re standing face to face
I long to be held into your warm embrace
Yours and Jesus, we will be one
And walk our path together ‘till our days are done

Track Name: The Beauty of Your Presence
How I long to see the beauty of your presence
The fullness of Your grace
To stay within Your dwelling place forever
To know you face to face
To know you face to face

Come fire of God, purify me
Open my eyes so I can see
Amazing grace, sanctify me
Make me holy unto you


You are the joy of my desire
You placed me like a seal on Your heart
Your love it burns like a blazing fire
Consuming all of me

I want the friendship and the fear
The innocence and the intimacy
Lord, won’t you meet me here
Remove the veil so I can see You
Track Name: Scarlet
Even if your sins were red as scarlet
I will wash them white as snow (2x)
I will wash them white as snow

Part 1:
Come to me, my arms are open wide
Come to me, I won’t condemn you
Come to me, be honest in my sight
Come to me, I’ll always love you

Part 2:
There’s nothing you could do
I wouldn’t know of
There’s nothing you could hide
Nothing you could cover up

Part 3:
Because I know you
And I love you
I want to help you
Help you change
Track Name: Secret Place
Take me into the secret place
Where I meet you face to face (2x)

You are a shield around me
You lift me up
When darkness comes
You light my way

You are my strength and glory
Whom shall I fear
But you the only wise God
Who covers me
Track Name: Daughters of Eve
Hey, little girl
Don’t you know how beautiful
Amazingly courageous you are?
Hey, woman
Ever since the world began
You nurtured and gave birth to ev’ry soul

By Him you were created
Perfect and consecrated
Pure and beloved you are

In Him you’re called, appointed
Chosen to be anointed vessels
A blessing to the world

Because you’re daughters of Eve
Daughters of Sarah, daughters of God (2x)

Hey, little girl
Through all ages you have been
Oppresses, enslaved, abused and broken down
Poor woman
Raped and beaten, mutilated, killed
Humiliated, rights denied

(Pre-chorus, chorus, instrumental)

Hey, little girl
There’s someone who knows and cares about you
And who’s love will never fail
Hey, woman
He’s your father, king and friend
For you he’s even given up his life

He will restore and heal you
Comfort, deliver you
From sin, pain and bondage in your life
You are his princess bride
Accept his embrace, don’t hide
And be all you’re destined to be

You’re a daughter of Eve...
Track Name: I Want to Know You Deeper
I want to know you deeper Jesus
I want to know you intimately
I want to know you deeper Jesus
I want to know you

Reveal Yourself to me
As I seek Your face
Reveal Yourself to me
As I seek your heart
Reveal Yourself to me
As I seek your ways
Reveal yourself to me
As I love You
Track Name: Arise O God
Shout to God
All nations of the earth and worship Him
The awesome One who rides upon the clouds
Bow down before the mighty King of
Israël and sing: “Holy are You Lord!”

Holy! So Holy! (4x)

Let Yah arise, let His enemies be scattered
He’s a mighty God, He’s a mighty God (2x)
Sing to the Lord, exalt His name
Speak of His never ending fame
Give Him your joyous, thundrous, explosive
Shout of Praise!
Track Name: Be Still and Know
Beyond the distant shores
I hear the silent cry
Of people torn apart by wars
Starving children left to die

Destitute in darkening fear
Fathers pray their desperate prayers
For the gods to finally hear
And send someone who really cares

Who will go where I would go?
Who will feed their hungry souls?

Be still and know that I am God
When darkness comes in like a flood
Be still and know; find rest in me
The Light eternal

Child of God and child of men
Will you hear me when I call
Or will you close your eyes again
And let my words on deaf ears fall

You are called to be like me
To bring to life the barren lands
Destined for eternity
So be my hope, be my hands

Will you be who I will be
Will you set the captives free
Track Name: Our God is a Consuming Fire
Before the world began
God foresaw the loss of many lives
He reached out His hands
Through time and Christ to save humankind

He cries out for His own people
Ev’ry beat speaks of His restless heart
That will never, ever give up hope
Until He finds the objects of His Love

You and me

Our God is a consuming fire
Our God’s love is a consuming fire

So would you not hear
His voice calling you every day
Won’t you draw near through time and Christ
For all eternity

He wants to keep and to hold you
Cleanse and heal you, fill you with His light
He will never, ever give up hope
Until He sees His son’s spotless bride

You and Me


He paid the price for us all
For the great and the small
He will not share, not at all
His Love with anyone else

Track Name: Psalm
Ik verhoog de Koning van 't heelal
Ik eer Zijn naam mijn leven lang
Hij die mijn ziel volmaakt behouden zal
Ik vrees geen dood, ben niet meer bang

Mijn leven is volledig in Zijn hand
En niemand rooft mij daar vandaan
Niets kan mij scheiden van Zijn liefde want
In 't boek des levens staat mijn naam

De Heer is trouw en vol bewogenheid
Genadig, liefdevol en goed
Ik kan niet zonder Zijn aanwezigheid
Ik hunker naar Zijn liefdesgloed

Hij geeft mij kracht om steeds weer door te gaan
In stormen, twijfels en verdriet
Zijn plan, Zijn weg voor mij, ik kan het aan
Omdat Hij telkens uitkomst biedt

Yeshua, Zoon van God, gezalfde Heer
ik juich, ik roep El Elohim
Kom Bruidegom, ja keer toch spoedig weer
'k verlang Uw aangezicht te zien

Ik ben van mijn geliefde en Hij is
van mij zoals geschreven staat
Dat Hij mijn tranen in de Hemel wist
Zijn liefde nimmer mij verlaat